About me

Hi everyone,

My name is Jade and I am 11 years old and turning 12 in 3 months. I live in Adelaide, Australia. I am in year 6 and in Mrs Brocwell’s class. Some of my interests are Gymnastics, Lacrosse and Touch Football. My favourite colour is green and my favourite food is ice-cream and fresh watermelon. My favourite place to hang out is the beach because it makes me feel calm and I love paddle boarding in the sea water. I have one older brother who is 14 years old and a dog called Floyd he 7, I also have a turtle called a Squirtle who is 2. My favourite animals are dogs and Hamsters and a quote I love is ‘The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today’.


Thank you,


100 word writing challenge week 4

  1. Write a creative piece of writing that is exactly 100 words.
  2. You need to include 3 causal connectives and 3 temporal connectives in this writing challenge.
  3. Use the list glued into your literacy book.
  4. Read through your writing carefully and be sure all words are spelled correctly and you have included your 6 connectives.
  5. Due Monday Week 5.


Echo, Echo, Echo I yelled as I was sitting on the back of the houseboat. “Look look,” said Amie “someone is talking to me” “nothing is talking to you Amie is just your voice echoing,” I said, “but something was just talking to me a minute ago,” Amie said with confusion.

“So, if you think someone is talking to you, start up a conversation,” I said trying to get her to understand “ok then”

Hello Hello Hello  “See someone is talking to me,” Amie said trying to prove her point. “Amie nothing is talking to you it is just your voice echoing” trying to get to finally understand “ Ok maybe I do understand now” “ yes” “ do you know why though?”

I have finished my hundred-word writing challenge